Detroit Internet Exchange

Detroit Internet Exchange What Is An Internet Exchange?The Detroit Internet Exchange (DET-IX) is a regional Internet Exchange Point (IXP) that was launched in 2015. The Internet exchange point (IXP) is where networks come together to peer or exchange traffic. While they allow network operators to exchange traffic with other network operators, an exchange point will […]

NOW – Primary / Back-Up Internet Is Available Anywhere

NOW – Primary / Back-Up Internet Is Available Anywhere Satellite Internet = Internet Anywhere At Telecom Professionals, we are empowering businesses by delivering Internet anywhere in the world. Our latest product to facilitate this goal is Viasat Satellite Internet. With Viasat, we can deliver fast internet to almost any location in 3-5 business days! Viasat […]

Auto-Lab Internet and Voice Tune-Up

Auto-Lab Internet and Voice Tune-Up Dear Franchise Owner, Auto-Lab recommends that you contact us for a no-cost, no-obligation internet & phone service analysis once a year. We do the research to improve your internet and telephone service. Consider it a tune-up for your business! Installation Service OptionsWe offer a variety of service options to meet your specific […]

Cable – The BIG Migration

Cable – The BIG Migration Business Cable ServicesBusiness cable services provide organizations with unrivaled network speed, reliability and security.  However, if you are using coax, you are sharing connectivity with the kids when they get home from school and other area businesses.  Cableco’s rapid deployment of fiber has changed the landscape of the industry, and this provides […]

Fiber Optic Networks (2 of 2) Dark Fiber

Fiber Optic Networks (2 of 2) Dark Fiber Dark Fiber ServicesDark Fiber products offer a variety of optical fiber options from individual strands to complex high count cable designs, customized to suit your business needs. This secure and cost-effective solution offers a private network with virtually unlimited bandwidth. Dark fiber provides physical security and keeps […]