Colocation Centers

In today’s high-tech world, almost all companies need to have a website, offer ecommerce and have access to the power and flexibility of the Internet. When companies attempt to manage all of this themselves, it can be extremely complicated and even cost prohibitive. This is because most companies need to have dedicated connections to the […]

How to Save Money on Your Telecom Bill

One of the biggest blind spots in business spending is the voice and data bill. Telecom invoices and technology are difficult to understand. Did you know that a study by Aberdeen Group found that 90% of telecom invoices had errors? Many company phone systems are bloated with features and technology that are not really necessary. […]

The Benefits of a Hosted Phone System

Hosted phone systems are quickly becoming the standard for virtually all types of businesses. Implementing a hosted Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution for your telecommunications needs is the ideal way to take advantage of all the latest technologies, without having to invest heavily in the management and support of the system. There are many […]