Why WiMax?

This IP-based technology has you covered!

WiMax (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) provides wireless broadband, cellular backhaul and hotspot options. With fixed stations already in place throughout Michigan and the United States, coverage can reach up to 30 miles. Add WiMax portable stations for 3-10 miles of coverage and you can understand why entire cities are opting for this technology.

Businesses are searching for redundancy in their networks. WiMax can provide a primary or secondary solution for data connectivity and phone service. Wireless provides an economical and flexible solution with high speed internet, easy deployment and multiple site coverage. Use this technology to expand your fiber, Metro Ethernet, or T1 connections. Why pay to install SONET when wireless can provide a truly diverse path, often with NO installation costs?

Installation is measured in days, not weeks or months. Your ROI can be recouped in months.

  • Internet, point-to-point and multipoint
  • Up to 1 Gig Voice/Data links
  • Enables VoIP (Voice over IP)
  • Backhaul for WiFi hotspots, cell towers, mobile phone service, mobile data TV
  • Emergency response services
  • Substitute for Fiber Optic Cable
  • Supports PRIs, SIP, analog and digital phone lines, security systems
  • QOS (Quality of Service)
  • Security, DOD and HIPAA compliance
  • Operate on FCC licensed frequencies with no interruptions
  • 99.99% Reliability

Reach Canada without Bell Canada, eh!