Audio/Video Conferencing

Video conferencing was first introduced in New York City at the 1964 World’s Fair. Audio/Video conferencing has changed dramatically over the past several years. More recently, the price has decreased significantly as technology has evolved.

With modern video conferencing, you can meet with clients faster, frequently, and cost effectively. Create interactive, informative presentations and share your ideas with clients anywhere in the world. Deliver rich content and educate your audience, all from the comfort of your own office.

State-of-the-art products allow businesses to easily connect and communicate with remote users. Face-to-face meetings can be held without ever leaving your home or office.

Video conferencing allows you to conduct team meetings or have a quick chat to share ideas from virtually anywhere in the world with any internet-enabled device. Easy access to key personnel promotes fast decisions, enabling you to stay ahead of your competition.

Project management is more efficient and effective, and reduces the margin of error. Troubleshooting with all the parties on the line virtually eliminates finger pointing and passing the buck. Try it! It works and it will make your life easier!

Benefits of Audio and Video Conferencing

  • Reduce travel time and expenses
  • Interview job candidates
  • Share important information, real time
  • Make critical decisions quickly
  • Efficient, effective collaboration and problem solving
  • Reduce costs and increase productivity
  • No hardware/software costs
  • Be green, portray green, and save green while being more productive

Complicated? Paying too much? We make it fast, easy and inexpensive! Telecom Professionals offers audio conferencing for less than $0.05 per minute and video conferencing for less than $70 per month.


  • E-Faxes
  • Private data networks
  • Wireless backup
  • Cable Internet, phones and TV
  • Colocation Services
  • IP Telephony
  • Telephone bill remediation

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