Is managing your mobile workforce a full-time job?

If you or one of your associates are managing over 100 wireless mobile devices, let us assist you with Mobile Device Management (MDM). We have solutions that will save time and money!

Your mobile workforce: Always up-to-date. Always maintained. Always controlled.
Telecom Professionals’ complete Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution allows you to easily integrate your business rules and policies as they apply to all of your mobile devices, even Apple devices, across all Tier 1 mobile carriers.


Enhanced Analytics & Reporting 
Gives you insight into spending patterns, variances, and forecasts the way you need it, by location, region, state or system-wide. Any configuration can be accommodated, parsed, and understood.

Procurement, Kitting & Deployment 
Sources the right equipment, then configures it the right way. For all your smartphones, tablets, IoT, and SIMs, along with the correct accessories to protect your investment. This includes such controls as asset tagging, corporate approved app deployment, blacklist URLs, and apps – all with the fastest network activation possible.

Rules Based “Geo-Fencing”
Automate your old workforce by giving them instant access to the latest and greatest data.

Cross-Carrier Pooling 
Only Telecom Professionals grants you instant savings and improved efficiency with complete voice, text, and data pooling across the nation’s leading Tier 1 mobile carriers and sites.

Security & Compliance 
Gives you total control over all devices and data. Intrusion detection and recovery plans are available. Helps you achieve PCI DCI 3.0 and HIPAA compliant for all telehealth devices.

Complete Enterprise Mobility Device Management
Our enterprise-focused and easy-to-use management services give you centralized control, security, and compliance over all your mobile products. With our Universal Device Enrollment Program (DEP), any of your new or existing devices are completely controlled from a single source that allows for a client enrollment, restriction, deployment, and management through Telecom’s customized portal.

Consolidated Billing, Inventory & Maintenance
Regardless of the number of outside vendors or carriers you have, you can get one invoice and have one dedicated support team. In addition, our instantly actionable tools give you access to every line item on any bill no matter which carrier you have or how many your company uses. The MDM Portal is directly integrated into other carriers’ backend provisioning and live billing systems so your company will always have real-time control.