TWO Amazing Wireless Options – 
Fixed Wireless and 4G LTE Wireless – Revolutionize the Internet 
Connectivity to Your Business!
Fixed Wireless Solutions
Fixed Wireless Broadband transmits data through radio waves instead of terrestrial cables which provides unique advantages, especially when combined with terrestrial cable or Fiber Optic Internet services.
People often associate “Wireless
Internet” with mobile devices; however, Fixed Wireless Internet networks are typically point-to-point connections that connect to a building as opposed to devices that are mobile. Fixed Wireless Internet, also called Microwave Wireless Networks, transmit data via targeted radio waves to roof-mounted antennas. As the signal reaches its target, the data is captured by the antenna, and is then transmitted through the building’s Ethernet network.
By using radio waves to transmit data, Fixed Wireless Internet solves many of the following issues associated with terrestrial-based services:
  • Rapid Deployment: Fiber Optic Internet services require a significant investment of time and capital to deploy, as they are installed above and below ground, often requiring special permits before the installation process can even begin. In contrast, Fixed Wireless Internet service provides fiber speeds and can be deployed within days – or even hours – in some situations.
  • Low Impact Installation: The installation of the infrastructure for Fixed Wireless Internet services is relatively simple when compared to what is involved with wired services. When a business places an order for Fixed Wireless Broadband service, the service provider installs a small antenna using non-penetrating tripods on the roof of the company’s building. From the roof, Cat5/6 or fiber is connected to any business in the building via an Ethernet connection dropped at the customer’s network location. This eliminates the need to wait months or even years to take advantage of Fiber Speed Internet connections.
  • High Speed Data Transfer with Low Latency: Fixed Wireless provides a dedicated point-to-point internet connection. Data travels through dedicated radio waves directly from one point to another; internet speeds exceeding 1 Gbps (1,000 Mbps) are possible with extremely low latency. If a business needs high quality, dedicated bandwidth, with low jitter and latency, Fixed Wireless service is a very cost effective solution.
  • Reliability: Fixed Wireless Internet transmits data through the air, so the likelihood of infrastructure damage is low, which enables providers to guarantee 99.99 percent uptime.
  • Security: Fixed Wireless Internet networks employ more encryption and levels of security than wired internet connections. Every business is provisioned with a point-to-point encrypted circuit. Dedicated point-to-point Fixed Wireless Internet connections are actually more secure than standard wired connections.
4G LTE Solutions
4G is the fourth generation of data technology for cellular networks ̶ following 3G.
LTE stands for Long Term Evolution – a wireless broadband technology. LTE supports Internet access via enabled cellphones and other devices.
This product can also provide primary and back-up internet service for your headquarters, remote locations, trade shows, work trailers, or for an emergency where you need internet installed FAST.
Nationwide Availability
NON-LOS (Line of Sight) product


Speeds Average 10Mbps – 20Mbps
Now we can set up a single set of Static IPs for multiple internet connections. Carrier provided static IP blocks will manage routing and failover.
All connections run concurrently. No interruptions! If one connection experiences an outage the other connection(s) keep your business running.  See the diagram below!