Services to Keep Your Data Safe From Ransomware 
Last month a ransomware outbreak used weaknesses in Microsoft’s Windowsoperating system to spread further and faster than any before.
The ransomware, also  known as “WanaCryt0r”, “WeCry”, “WanaCrypt” or “WeCrypt0r”, used a vulnerability in a Windows Server component to spread within corporate networks.
More than 200,000 computers have been affected around the world so far. 
Simple accidents such as opening a corrupt email can cause these encryptionsto spread throughout your entire network in minutes. The only way to decrypt these files is paying the ransom which can cost thousands of dollars.
It’s time to be proactive about data security and keep your business data protected against cyber criminals.
Data Best Practices
  • Take Extra Precautions with Emails: Always opt on the side of caution by being wary of suspicious emails and email attachments. NEVER open an email if it looks malicious and DO NOT download any email attachments from those emails.
  • Keep your OS up-to-date: The vulnerability does not exist within Windows 10, the latest version of the software, but is present in all versions of Windows prior to that, dating back to Windows XP.