PRI (Primary Rate Interface) T1 service uses existing public telephone networks to deliver an all-digital signal providing your company with the most efficient, flexible, and reliable voice services possible. Save up to 50% compared of the cost of traditional analog telephone lines, combined with a reduction in call connection time and improved reliability under heavy usage. Your 100% digital connection can integrate seamlessly with your existing PBX system, avoiding costly equipment upgrades. PRI can also help reduce the overall number of lines and circuits your company needs.

PRI advantages:

Allows callers to reach employees directly without having to go through a receptionist or automated attendant. This can dramatically reduce the time a receptionist spends processing calls.

Is ideal for directing calls to special departments and functions.

DID can provide each employee with their own number without the added expense of a private line.

Caller ID with name allows you to anticipate the need of the client before you answer the phone; further, it allows you to respond to important calls more efficiently. Caller ID with name is included on PRIs avoiding the costs with adding it on standard business lines.

PRI technology is 20 – 30% more efficient in processing calls than standard business lines. What does this mean for your business? The lines you are paying for work harder for your business. PRIs actually reduce the chance of busy signals and improve call connection.

Telecom Professionals offers the following Telemanagement service:


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