If you are assessing your current phone system, it may be time to consider a VoIP (Voice over IP) solution. You will need to decide if you want more control over your phone system with an on-site installation, or, if you prefer a hosted solution which allows for convenience and scalability. VoIP offers more robust features than legacy analog phone systems. Call management, reporting, messaging, conferencing, monitoring and security features are standard benefits of VoIP systems. A hosted VoIP option will include installation of the phone equipment and router maintenance and upgrades by your telecommunications provider. This will reduce the need and cost of having an in-house technical expert to manage and repair the system when the need arises. In addition, if your business experiences peak seasons, it is much easier to add additional users with a hosted system.

If you want the full functionality of a VoIP phone system with maintenance free benefits, it is time to consider a hosted solution for your business.

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