Disaster recovery planning is vital to every organization. The ability to quickly reroute and reestablish voice and data communications can determine your businesses future. Consider the statistics for businesses that experience a major loss without a business continuity plan:

We help businesses focus on the two main factors:

Today there are several options to provide redundant voice and data networks (Fiber, DSL, T-1, Cable, and Wireless) the best solutions will utilize dual points of entry. Greater redundancy can be built by engineering a DR location, Collocation, cloud PBX, remote workers or a combination of these strategies.

Maintaining your data in a safe location is important. However, storing a redundant copy of your data off site is just as important. Collocations offer secure storage for primary or redundant voice and data equipment and data. If your business can not justify a collocation you can store data in the cloud with a no cost or low cost cloud storage provider. Data recovery with little or no loss of productivity is critical to the long term success of your business.

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