Colocations provide secure offsite storage for you businesses voice and data. Colocation data centers have multiple fully redundant SONET network connections to the internet ensuring that business critical applications run uninterrupted. Data centers have top-notch network security, including the latest firewalls/IDS systems to detect and prevent unauthorized access to clients systems. Power redundancy is offered through a combination of multiple power grids, diesel power generators, dual battery backup systems and stringent maintenance practices. Customers are provided the flexibility to burst to higher bandwidth levels which instantly accommodate increased traffic demand without having to make repeat capital investments.
When small businesses need to expand their IT department, it can be done without a large capital investment. Medium to large sized businesses can increase their infrastructure without the cost of construction or leasing an entire facility. If your company is looking at cloud computing in the near future, colocation provides a smooth transition by allowing you to move your equipment to an offsite facility with increased capacity and performance to support business needs.

Colocation Solutions

Benefits of Colocation

Facilities offer carrier diversity including alternative transit and local access options including OCX Fiber, Wireless and Ethernet through top tier carriers.
Fully Redundant Power

(PDU) diversity, independent AC systems, battery back-up, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and on-site generators with guaranteed fuel contracts. Additionally, N+1 design enables uninterrupted service by safeguarding against equipment failure.

Hot Aisle/Cold Aisle IT floor configuration, maintains cooler temperatures on the intake side of your equipment. Air economizers to improve cooling efficiency, plus ultrasonic humidification to maintain a static-free computing environment.

On-site technicians can perform critical tasks at your request, including equipment server reboots, circuit testing, cable and card replacements.

Data Center Features

Network Connectivity
10/100/1000 Ethernet to Gigabit handoff in cabinet
Dual Ethernet feeds available
Layer 2 and Layer 3 connectivity
Redundant fiber paths

Neutral Carrier Access
US Signal
Level (3)
Other regional providers

Electrical Power Infrastructure
A+B power feeds available
Diesel generators
Redundant UPS Uninterrupted Power
Multiple power options from 120V, 208V, 240V AC or -48V DC
All mechanical systems are under maintenance contracts and tested regularly

Access and Security
Gated facility with secure parking
24 x 7 building access via card access control system
Access monitored remotely by 123Net NOC
Video monitoring

Fire Suppression
Gas fire suppression & detection system

Additional Amenities
Crash cart & remote hands services available 24x7x365
Conference rooms with 802.11n Wi-Fi
Locked storage space & staging area
Capable of accepting deliveries.
Environmental systems monitored remotely via 123.Net NOC 24x7x365

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