At Telecom Professionals, Inc. we know it is impossible for someone who does not work inside the telecommunication industry to keep up with all the industry changes. You are welcome to use our services for a specific project, or in an on-going capacity. Our knowledge, experience and industry contacts provide access to leading edge technology and this allows us to assist you in preparing for the rapid change taking place in this industry. We have the advantage of ongoing industry training on the newest products and services that will benefit your businesses. Telecom Professionals, Inc. is your telecom liaison so that you can focus on running your business.

Choose a project – we can help:

New generation data networks: faster and more cost effective.

Voice over IP (VOIP): connecting offices and remote workers.

Invoice Auditing: By auditing your phone bills, we are able to identify billing errors and rate changes, and correct them to your benefit.

Disaster Recovery Plans: Do you have a disaster recovery plan? We specialize in locating the best connections and collocations to build redundancy and back up data networks. Redundancy is more important and affordable than ever. Let us design a strategy that meets your goals and budget.