Cloud Solutions

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing allows for the delivery of hosted services on demand over the internet. Because cloud computing requires very little capital investment, it is a cost effective way to rent storage, servers, operating systems, hardware and network capacity. The Cloud delivers applications as a service, which users can access from anywhere via the internet. Services can be deployed very quickly, and the accessibility provides communication from anywhere at any time. Cloud Computing flexibility and scalability is a major advantage in today’s fast paced business environment.


Colocations provide secure offsite storage for you businesses voice and data. Colocation data centers have multiple fully redundant SONET network connections to the internet ensuring that business critical applications run uninterrupted. Data centers have top-notch network security, including the latest firewalls/IDS systems to detect and prevent unauthorized access to clients systems. Power redundancy is offered through a combination of multiple power grids, diesel power generators, dual battery backup systems and stringent maintenance practices. Customers are provided the flexibility to burst to higher bandwidth levels which instantly accommodate increased traffic demand without having to make repeat capital investments.
When small businesses need to expand their IT department, it can be done without a large capital investment. Medium to large sized businesses can increase their infrastructure without the cost of construction or leasing an entire facility. If your company is looking at cloud computing in the near future, colocation provides a smooth transition by allowing you to move your equipment to an offsite facility with increased capacity and performance to support business needs.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery planning is vital to every organization. The ability to quickly reroute and reestablish voice and data communications can determine your businesses future. Consider the statistics for businesses that experience a major loss without a business continuity plan:

  • 43% never reopen
  • 29% fail within 24 months

We help businesses focus on the two main factors:

  • Voice and data connectivity to the world

Today there are several options to provide redundant voice and data networks (Fiber, DSL, T-1, Cable, and Wireless) the best solutions will utilize dual points of entry. Greater redundancy can be built by engineering a DR location, Collocation, cloud PBX, remote workers or a combination of these strategies.

  • Data protection and redundancy

Maintaining your data in a safe location is important. However, storing a redundant copy of your data off site is just as important. Collocations offer secure storage for primary or redundant voice and data equipment and data. If your business can not justify a collocation you can store data in the cloud with a no cost or low cost cloud storage provider. Data recovery with little or no loss of productivity is critical to the long term success of your business.